"You look comfortable; smiling, but your posture is relaxed", I continue to Bilta, "you look confident, secure and loved, yo; that's the whole point." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“You look comfortable; smiling, but your posture is relaxed”, I continue to Bilta, “you look confident, secure and loved, yo; that’s the whole point.”

“You look comfortable; smiling, but your posture is relaxed”, I continue to Bilta, “you look confident, secure and loved, yo; that’s the whole point.”

“Yeah”, Bilta replies as he shuffles in the recliner in my living room, “with digital.Bilfty2.1, finally, asleep, I can relax a little bit, yo.”

“He’s such a crybaby, yo”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “abnormal intelligence doesn’t absolve one of the prerequisite for personal responsibility that predicates my attention and sympathy.”

I shrug.

“He does complain, a lot–and, he seems to never really contibute anything tangible.  Nothing but watching us work and then showing up for the good times; I enjoy his jokes but it stresses me out.”

“You and me, both, Bilta”, I respond as I sigh and turn my head to the digital.TV, “you never how you escape a wild bear attack?”

“Ham sandwich, yo?”

I pause; I sip my soda; how’s he know the punchline?

“Yes–feed him”, I reply as I shrug, “or out run your hiking partner.”

“So anways”, Bilta replies as he sighs, “maybe, for the next mission, project, that we have, I can just go alone–I kind of want some space from digital.Bilfty2.1.  With issues at home and the new apartment at the beach, I just want to spend some time focused on work and avoid the distractions.  Shark.fest #1-4 and shark.quest #5 really drained me–I just want to recharge the batteries by putting my mind to work on something besides babysitting Bilfty2.1.

“I got an email last night”, I reply as I turn my head to Bilta, “it involves a lady velociraptor and seven loaves of bread.”

“I’m listening but, quite, confused, and, slight, aroused but not about the bread–I have changed my dietary habits to avoid gluten.”

“Oh wow, Bilta!”, I reply as I sigh, “that’s interesting, somewhat.  What caused you to consider a gluten free diet, yo?”

“I read some free digital.ebook on the internet about how velociraptors are top-level predators and should avoid starchy foods.  I am trying a paleo diet, also.”

“Interesting”, I reply as I grab a bag of digital.papitas, “have you noticed any difference since you started?”

“Yeah”, Bilta replies as he picks up his soda, “my energy levels have increased and there is less mental fog; I am thinking clearly and making sound decisions, except for the large fucking shark incident.  I feel like a whole new dinosaur, yo.”

“HR tried that once but didn’t really stick with it”, I respond as I turn my head to the birdfeeder, “what’s your secret to a successful diet change?”


“Huh?”, I respond as I turn my head back to Bilta, “I don’t think that I heard you correctly.”

“Yeah”, he replies as he shrugs, “my wife does all the cooking in the house–it’s all she makes.  I’m too lazy to cook anything myself so when she does a paleo diet–I do, too.  When she cuts out gluten, we all, in the house, do.  We don’t cook different meals for different people–she just cooks food and that’s what there is to eat, yo.”

I pause; I sip my soda; I wonder if she could cook food here, sometime?

“So”, I continue speaking as I take another sip, “there’s a lady velociraptor that’s new in town and she wants someone to show her around.  Think you can control yourself for one afternoon and be a Dorinto tour guide?”