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“I want to travel”, Little Pepe tells me as he looks over to his backpack in the corner.

“I want to travel”, Little Pepe tells me as he looks over to his backpack in the corner.

“Cool!”, I tell him, “I´m going to go to bed.”

He´s my roommate at Genaru´s hotel. We go on little adventures in the day. He is studying at college. He´s preparing to give a speech in front of his class.  Earlier in the day, he had written out his speech and asked me to help him memorize it. I told him that´s not the way to do it–create an outline and memorize that. I told him to remember the important parts and to naturally fill in the blanks as he´s giving his speech; it is more natural then trying to memorize what you want to say.

“I got the girl!”, Little Pepe tells me.

Apparently, his speech went well and there was a girl in class that he liked. They are leaving to go on a date. She´s outside the place waiting. She looks mad and upset. She´s not smiling. I think she´s perfect for him.

“Where are you from?”, Little Pepe asks me.

Me, him and Genaru are eating breakfast. Genaru takes a sip of his coffee.


“I want to go there”, he tells me.

Genaru looks over at me; he can tell I´m nervous.

“No talking at breakfast”, he tells Little Pepe.

I have to finish up the contract and get it to Pepe today for his signature. I´m nervous that I´m missing something. There´s no money for a lawyer–we got to just try to do our best.

I look over at the poster on the wall. It´s interesting.

Genaru is not improving his English much.

He has an old textbook that I´m helping him understand. In exchange, he had gone to the local restaurant and told them that I would be eating lunch there, and he would pay. That day there is a soccer game on the TV. I watch it briefly before heading over to the place for our English lesson.

I tell him that I am going to leave but I´ll return at 4 that afternoon.

“No”, he replies, “say Te veo a las cuatro.”

“Porque a las cuatro?”

He shrugs.

“I don´t know”, he replies, “you just say a las cuatro.”

I pause.

“Ok”, I reply, “Gracias!”

I leave and head out to walk around the city.

I´ve made it!, I think as I lay down on the blanket in the desert in Arizona.

It´s early 2011. I had completely given up going through Arkansas. I pulled over to the side of the road. I literally can´t drive one more mile, I thought. I started the car and pulled back onto the highway. I don´t know, I thought.

You can´t pause life.

I went through New Mexico with the same CD on loop. There had been no energy to change the music. Let me just get through this, I thought.

Now, here I am in Arizona.

It´s hot. I had felt so relieved that I had pulled over at an exit.  Looked for a quiet place and found a little spot where I could, appropriately, just get out of the car a bit, to lay down on the ground.  I had called my friend to give her an update. She´s renting me a bed in her house. She wants $15 a night to stay there. She wants me to pay daily for every night that I stay there. I don´t disagree with this.

I close my eyes as I lay down on the blanket in the sand under the hot sun.

I made it, I repeat.

I wake up.

It´s nearly 4pm, now. I get up from my blanket. Feeling recharged, mentally, I fold up my blanket and put it in the car.

Let´s go, I think.

I start the car and head back to the highway.

Almost there, I think as I drive and flip through the radio stations.

This is perfect, I think as the tuner stops on the station, and I hear the song.  I turn up the volume.

“I really like your writing style. The way that you use short sentences. I think it works well for you”, my writing teacher tells me.

It´s mid-2010. I´ve been blogging for a couple years now. I have advertising on the website but there´s not much traffic so I literally make like a penny every 6-months on it as revenue.  On the flip side, it´s free. Pure profit! Fuck load of work to make that penny.

It had been suggested to keep a private journal to just write down my thoughts. At first, it was very challenging, but, in time, I started to really notice how it made me feel. I had decided that instead of writing privately to instead, with what I was writing, to make it public. #revenue

To be a better writer, I had hired a writing coach. He has me write every week. Send in my submission a couple days before our meeting. Then, on the phone , we review the story and he gives me feedback and suggestions. He tells me about writing stories and how to put together a book.

The idea is to, in time, have material to put together a book.  I had put together an outline of my entire life. Then, don´t start at the beginning, instead start writing:

What´s the first thing that you want to say or write? Start there.

So from there? Why did it happen or what happened next?

I call him Little Pepe because there´s two people in my life named Pepe, and he´s smaller, in size.

“I have some ideas”, I tell Genaru, “I have a couple friends that travel.”

I leave Genaru´s hotel and start heading over to the internet cafe.

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