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Wake Up. Show Up.

“It´s not about wanting it to get better; it´s that it is better, now; the present is real.” (7/25/2018)- “Oh!”, HR replies as she takes a sip of soda, “you got me a present?” “No”, I reply as I shake my head, “I mean the present moment–you´re in it.” “Yeah”, she replies as she sets her lata down, “of course, I´m in the present–where else could I be?” “Your mind is not in the present–it´s wrapped up in a story.” “Story of my life–a sad girl looks for meaning...
“I´m sorry, but I´m actually not interested in being friends”, I say as I sip my coffee. (5/9/2018)- “Why not?”, the writer replies as he sets his taza down on the table at the small cafe. He pauses; should I say the joke? He takes a deep breath; pauses; looks out the large bay window; turns his head back to me. “I´m a fungi!” I turn my head to the large bay window; to the barista; back to the writer. “No”, I reply. I pause. “Yes”, I repeat to...

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