"Bilta--we need to cut to the point", I reply as I sigh, "you're going to therapy or I'm punching you, directly, in the face, yo." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Bilta–we need to cut to the point“, I reply as I sigh, “you’re going to therapy or I’m punching you, directly, in the face, yo.”

“Bilta–we need to cut to the point“, I reply as I sigh, “you’re going to therapy or I’m punching you, directly, in the face, yo.”

Bilta slams his fist on my kitchen table.

“I do not have an anger problem, asshole”, he shouts as he punches digital.Bilfty2.1 in the face, “I can control it whenever I want.”

He takes a breath; he leans back in his chair.

I pick up my coffee; I take a sip.

“So anways”, I continue speaking as I roll my eyes, “how’d the pizza party go, yesterday, yo?”

“It was nice”, Bilfty replies from the floor as he starts to get up, “unlike what Bilta just did, to make an example, it was pleasant–I made seventeen pepperoni pizzas and Bilta made a mess.”

I chuckle; that guy.

“What do you mean, yo?”

“Bilta stuck his tail into the pizza dough, accidently”, Bilfty continues as he shrugs, “then we didn’t know what to do so I had to make some more dough from scratch.”

“Oh no!”, I exclaim as I take another sip of my coffee, “that sounds hideous–it’s a very boring story.  But, all the same, it sounds like it was a major inconveinence!”

“It was not great”, Bilta replies as he sits back down in his seat at the table in my kitchen, “but, that’s how things go.”

I sigh.

“Such wisdom”, I respond as I set my coffee mug on the table, “yes–that is how things go, yo.  So, since, I know that you are super interested in how my day was while you two were busy slaving over the pizzas, I’ll tell you.”

I pause; I grab a bag of digital.papitas.

“It was exhausting”, I continue speaking as I open the bag, “I watched the digital.TV for two hours; then, I went to the birdfeed and filled that with food; next, I made a sandwich with six slices of cheese.”

“That doesn’t sounds bad”, Bilta replies as he shrugs, “what’s your point, yo?”

“The point is”, I reply as I grab a handful of papitas, “that I did all those things myself–with you two gone on mission, I was forced to fend for myself.  I am going to have to start rethinking sending you both to go make me money–maybe, we will change it to just one at a time.”

“Oh–hey boss”, Bilta interjects as I lean back in my chair, “by the way, I got a phone call from my maternal dad–last week.”

“Not now, Bilta”, I continue speaking as I grab another handful of food, “I’m in the middle of complaining–I don’t want to be distrubed.”

He pauses; he sighs.

“I think that it matters”, he replies as he sips his soda, “I think that keeping the ties with your family are instrumental in maintaining proper mental health and emotional stability.”

“I’m sorry”, I continue as I roll my eyes, “but, we don’t talk about emotional stability in this house.”

“I am emotinally stable”, Bilfty replies as he leans back in his chair, “like the winds in the summer in Dorinto, yo.”

“Hot and unpredictable?”, I respond as I shrug, “I mean… that’s what they are.”

“No”, digital.Bilfty2.1 continues explaining, “from the West and strong.”

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