"The award for best actor in a drama goes to Bilta; and, the supporting role in a comedy to digital.Bilfty2.1, yo", I reply as I roll my eyes. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“The award for best actor in a drama goes to Bilta; and, the supporting role in a comedy to digital.Bilfty2.1, yo”, I reply as I roll my eyes.

“The award for best actor in a drama goes to Bilta; and, the supporting role in a comedy to digital.Bilfty2.1, yo”, I reply as I roll my eyes.

“Why do you have to be an asshole, yo?”, Bilta replies as he shrugs, “I just want you to listen to my list of complaints in how you are treating me and digital.Bilfty2.1.”

“Yeah”, I reply as I shrug, “I’ll pay attention once the project is complete.”

I pause; I shift the digital.binoculars in my hand.

“Bilfty”, I continue speaking as I turn my head to him, “hand me the peanut butter.”

He opens his small.bookbag; reaches in and grabs the small jar.

“I don’t think that this is a good idea”, he responds as he hands it to me, “I don’t think that digital.perros really like this stuff.”

“Well”, I reply as I open the container, “it’s all that they had in the small store in the outskirts of Planet HDNC3. We have to just make do with what we have; the best that we can.”

I put my hand in the jar.

“So um…”, Bilta replies as he shrugs, “I actually picked up a couple digital.forks from the little restaurant so you don’t have to use your hand, yo.”

“Bilta”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “don’t tell me how to apply the peanut butter to the digital.wkns.”

I spread a light layer of the penaut butter on the end of the small rod. I stretch it out of the bush towards the digital.perro. It lunges at the rod and starts biting it.

I turn my head to Bilta.

“Ok”, I continue speaking in a hushed voice as I kneel down, “in a moment, I want you to use the digial.tranquilizer.dart to sedate the sexy beast.”

Bilta rolls his eyes.

“Did you just say sexy beast?”

“No”, I reply as I shrug, “that would be so strange! So anyways, I want you to throw the small dart at the special beast and make sure that it’s with enough force that it penetrates the denim jacket that it’s wearing.”

“So like”, Bilta responds as he shrugs, “we never really finished the discussion of why there is a digital.perro wearing a jacket.”

“Yeah, you know”, I continue as I push the small rod forward, “this planet is just strange and that’s how things are–so you should probably not think too much about it, yo.”

“Yeah, ok?”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to digital.Bilfty2.1, “you have your digital.dart ready, also?”

“Like eggs in the morning.”

“Excuse me?”, Bilta replies to Bilfty2.1, “I don’t, actually, have any clue what you just said–what does that mean?”

“Like”, he replies as he shrugs, “when do you have eggs? The morning. It goes together like shoes and socks.”

“I never wear socks”, Bilta continues speaking, “it’s just, not, really my thing.”

“Yeah”, digital.Bilfty2.1 replies as he moves the digital.dart in his hand, “we have been talking about that behind your back–maybe, you should consider changing things up, a bit? For like, the benefit of all of us.”

“Boys–velociraptors”, I reply to Bilta and Bilfty, “we have no time for small talk or four letter words–the sexy beast is in perfect position. Throw the digital.darts, now.”

“You just said sexy beast, again, boss”, Bilta replies as he sighs, “like… just two seconds ago.”

“We have no time for lies, Bilta”, I reply as I push the rod a little farther out of the bush, “just throw the darts and let’s capture this special animal, yo.

Bilta and digital.Bilfty2.1 throw their digital.darts; they penetrate the denim jacket of the digital.perro; it walks a couple steps and then falls over.

“Ok”, I continue speaking as I stand up, “I think that it’s ok to approach it now–it should be asleep.”

Bilta and Bilfty2.1 walk over; they place the small digital.sticker on the side of the animal.

“Ok”, I continue speaking as I retract the small rod and place it back in my small backpack, “that digital.sensor should track it’s movements through out the day and we provide excellent data for the local community college on it’s daily routine.  From this information, they should be able to start repopulating the population.”

“So like”, Bilta replies as he stands up, “we still haven’t really figured out why there is a digital.perro with a denim jacket and why we want more of them.”

“You know, Bilta”, I respond as I put my hand on his shoulder, “when it comes to digital.perros with denim jackets–can you, ever, have enough?”

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