"Bilta--get a sweet beach house, yo; have seven rooms with seven windows and six doors", I shrug, "you can't enter." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Bilta–get a sweet beach house, yo; have seven rooms with seven windows and six doors”, I shrug, “you can’t enter.”

“Bilta–get a sweet beach house, yo; have seven rooms with seven windows and six doors”, I shrug, “you can’t enter.”

“Why would I want that, yo?”, Bilta replies as he takes a bite of hotdog, “I like my apartment.”

“It’s great!”, digital.Bilfty2.1 responds as he shuffles on the small bright blue beachtowel on the sand.

“I love the beach”, I explain as I roll my eyes, “it has sand and water; it’s hot; there’s a couple coconut stands over there that have delicious food that is very tasty.”

“I love coconuts!”, Bilta yells as he turns his head to the surfers in the water, “I mean… if I didn’t have an allergy to them, they would, probably, be great to eat!”

“I don’t disagree.”

I grab a plastic bag with a ham sandwich from my bookbag.

“Anyone else hungry, yo?”

I turn my head to Bilta and digital.Bilfty2.1.

“My wife”, I continue speaking as I sigh, “thought that it would be good idea to pack us lunch to eat on this mission.  There’s sixty-two more digital.ham sandwiches in my bookbag should you get hungry now or, apparently, in the next two months?’

I shrug.

“I guess that she cares?”

“She does”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to me, “she wants you to be well fed and happy.”

“How would you know this?”

“That’s what she wants”, he replies as he shrugs and turns his head back to the water.

“I want a bag of digital.papitas”, digital.Bilfty2.1 responds as he turns his head to me, “you got any good flavors in there?”

I let out a deep breath.

“Nope–we just have sixty-two ham sandwiches.  There’s nothing to wash them down with, nor potato chips to snack on in the meantime.  We, literally, just, only, have ham sandwiches in extremely large quantity.”

“Yeah, ok?”, digital.Bilfty2.1 replies as he rolls his eyes, “so are you going to give me one or just talk about it? I’m actually pretty hungry after finishing the mission today and want to eat something.”

I reach into my bookbag and grab a sandwich; I hand it to him.  He pulls off the digital.plastic and takes a bite.

“Wow!”, he exclaims as his eyes gets big, “that’s a fuck load of hot sauce on this. Oh. wow. I’m kinda surprised–wasn’t expecting that!”

I hand him a napkin.

“Yeah–that’s her thing.  She fucking loves hot sauce–doesn’t understand why I don’t.  But, anyways, that’s a conversation for a day called not today.”

“There’s potato chips in the sandwich!”, Bilfty exclaims as a small bite of food falls out of his mouth, “this is, kinda, the best fucking sandwich that I’ve ever eaten–give me two more.”

“I want to try one!”, Bilta replies as he reaches his hand out, “give me five.”

I hand him the bookbag; he reaches in and grabs a handful.

Tearing off the plastic, he takes a bite. He grimmaces.

“This one is sour”, he explains as he chews, “I think that there is tamarind on this–it’s strange, yet tasty.  I have to actually consider this for a moment before reporting back on my food findings–I like it but I’m not sure how or what to say about it.  I feel like it is for a very particular palette.”

“Sometimes you find something great”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “but, it may not be perfect for everyone.”

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