"She didn't want money; she hoped for respect", I repeat to Bilta, "she, now, is, just, looking for a space to herself to be left alone, yo." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“She didn’t want money; she hoped for respect”, I repeat to Bilta, “she, now, is, just, looking for a space to herself to be left alone, yo.”

“She didn’t want money; she hoped for respect”, I repeat to Bilta, “she, now, is, just, looking for a space to herself to be left alone, yo.”

“Yeah”, Bilta replies as he adjusts his tie in the mirror, “that’s why I want to look good–digital.Bilfty2.1 made a huge mistake taking a vegan to the digital.meat.market.  I am going to make it right by showing her how good the Pad Thai is in Dorinto.”

“Do you use chopsticks when you eat there, yo?”

“Do squirrels hide nuts?”

“I’m not a biologist but I’m pretty sure that they do–winter spares no small furry rodent, as they say.”

“I don’t think that anyone says that.”

“They do–in the underground of the outskirts of Dorinto on Wednesday at 7pm in the afternoon in the second week of the month.  It’s actually a true story–been there, it’s how it goes.  But, anyways, I think the Thai restaurant is a good choice–after Bilfty’s fuck up, we, just, can’t take chances with a dissatisfied customer.  She emailed me that she would be ready at 13pm at her house.  Try to grab a bouquet of flowers to manipulate her emotions to be on our side and not mad at Bilfty2.1.”

“When it comes to manipulating women–I’m the king.”

“That sounds creepy–please, don’t say that again or, in any way, insinuate that you change behavior.  Just be respectful, honest, charming and a respectable gentleman to her, in a professional sense.  Be nice–drop the agendas and be present with her.  Control your automatic behavior and drop your guard; she’s nervous about finding an apartment for her and her five cats.  Don’t bring up that topic, but, instead, try not to say anything–practice listening.  She will tell you what she wants you to know–don’t make up stories to fill in the gaps or press her for information, yo.”

“I think she likes me.”

“She doesn’t date velociraptors.”

“You don’t know that, yo.”

“You’re right”, I reply as I rub Bilta’s shoulder, “but, it doesn’t matter–this is business and the first rule is to enjoy yourself and be comfortable.  If you’re on your game, and have your head on your matters, you’ll be focused and make less mistakes–in this game, the winner is the last one to lose.

“A war of attrition, yo?”

“Business is never a war–it’s a picnic of two friends brainstorming options.  Friendship is predicated on a genuine sense of caring about the other’s well-being; if you care about her, you are there.  If you don’t care, no words or actions will make up for that; don’t prove it or show her, but, instead, put yourself in a position to care, yo.”

“How do I do that, boss?”

“How do you care about someone?”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “understand them.  Don’t ask questions or look for information that you want, instead, stop and listen.”

“What will she say, yo?”

“Who she is”, I reply as I take a sip of soda, “she will tell you exactly who she is directly; the only problem, ever, is that you are listening for an indirect or different message.  Take her words at face value.  She says what she means; means what she says.  Trust her and trust her words.  Her body bahvior will give indications, but just listen to her and let go of adding meaning or additional stories; you’re not a pyschiatrist.  This is literally just a small tour to help her experience the finer side of Dorinto–don’t over-complicate.”

“I can make it simple, yo?”

“Making it simple always ends up being the most confusing option.”


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