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On the road–big decisions will need to be made.

On the road–big decisions will need to be made.

What does the future hold?


I put the pencil down; writing helps me makes sense.

We´re on the bus.  We arrive in Huarez soon. We have taken an overnight bus from Lima. Yesterday, we spent the day in the market looking for clothes for the higher elevations. We had paid a taxi driver to drive us to a shopping mall, then paid him to stay with us while we looked for supplies. I think she was manic; maybe just happy? I don´t know. We´re in the Andes now.

I pull my notebook out and start writing:

Today one of my biggest dreams–and a dream that sustained me through crisis was met: to mountain bike in the Andes.  The taxi driver took me out of town–and up–following the nueva autopista out of town, as it weaved and winded–peligroso curves–snaking up the mountain side, cutting into the Peruvian countryside, leaving a trail of economic opportunity–the vistas rivaling anything, I imagine, the Alps may offer.  The cab driver and I talked about the writing–literally–on the wall.

I set my notebook down. She invited me to do a hike of the Alpamayo. We meet up with the group early tomorrow morning for breakfast then head to the trailhead. I had gone to the travel company earlier in the day with her, and paid for the trip.

I set my alarm and place it next to my bed.

“I´m looking for my father”, Pepe tells me.

He continues with the name of the ship and the year, as I write down the information.

“Ok”, I reply.

“I mailed the paintings to you, last night.”

I don´t believe him; I trust him, however.

“Ok”, I reply.

The previous day, I had gone to his shop. He showed me his paintings. There was one in particular that caught my eyes. The style; the colors; I purchased it and another painting. I was travelling and he had offered to mail them to me in San Diego. I gave him my post office box number. He had mentioned selling paintings. I took up the offer–I bought a painting to see if there was any interest before commiting more to the project. Give it a chance, in a small way, first, if you´re interested in the opportunity, or even, just, curious.

“My sister is in the hospital”, he continues, “can you help me out with a little money to take a taxi to go see her?”

“Ok. I am looking for a place to stay. Can you help me find an apartment?”

“Yeah”, he replies, “sure, whatever. Meet me here tomorrow at 10am.”


We split up. I head back to the hostel.

“Did you get the money?”, I ask Pepe.

“Are you in Peru now?”, Pepe asks me over the phone.

“No¨, I reply, “not, right now. I´m in Virginia.”

“Ok”, he replies, “well, call me when you are here.”

“Ok”, I reply.

I hang up the phone. I put the piece of paper with his home phone number back in my bookbag. It´s snowing today. I zip my jacket up a little more and start walking back to the place where I´m staying.

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