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“I remember this”, I think as the movie plays silently.

“I remember this”, I think as the movie plays silently.

It´s the fourth movie in the series–7 Steps Out Of Wage Slavery. I remember when we were making it; the laughs, the good times, the moments. It seems like I would stop watching–as I can quote the whole thing–but, something brings me back as I recall the scenes.

Oh man, did I really?

I laugh at the scene where I fall down the stairs as I sneak to the kitchen to grab a 2am sandwich.


This movie is propaganda and banned on Dorinto; it´s hard to come by, but we still get copies; after watching the movie, I have to place it in the trash outside and they come and pick it up in 0.38598 nanoseconds, normally.

It´s been a while since the thoughts, memories, and neurotransmitters were fabricated into this metal object; it´s hard to remember, at times, how it started. I had started writing down my memories for the future to look back; I had read that communicating in multiple languages potentially could alter the effects of the malfunction; so that´s what I tried. It worked, to a point; ultimately, I went ahead with the doctor´s recommendation and was given a more permanent fix to the problem.

These days, I watch this movie–when I can  get it. It´s said to look ahead, but I think that it´s important to keep one foot in the past; then with your body in the present, it forms a triangle: the most basic stable shape: three points. If you are able to add another, such as a spouse or friend, willingly, then you have a factor of safety of one; this does not mean that you are perfect, just that if one leg of your chair gives away, you still have the minimum to be ok.


I can´t believe that I did that!

I laugh at the scene where we make the french toast assembly line; #true_story.

“Are you watching this again?”, my wife asks as I turn my head and see her on the stairs.

I look away.

“You have to stop”, she continues, “you can get in a lot of trouble, if they catch you.”

I turn my head back to her.

“This will be the last time.”

I don´t believe myself; I hope it´s true. What can I get, or do, to replace it?

I turn my head to my mountain bike in the corner of the living room: it´s you and I, baby.

I hit stop on the machine; take the DVD out; I put it in a black bag and place it in the garbage in front of our house; the trashmen don´t come in 0.39478 nanoseconds.

In 0.39479 nanoseconds, the trashmen come and take the bag; tomorrow will be different.

I turn around and take a step back towards my house; I guess this is day 0, and that will make it day 1 when I wake up.

I go back in my house; lock the front door; go up the stairs; get in bed; close my eyes; moments later, I´m asleep.

Opening my eyes, the first thing that I can see is that it´s cloudy.

It´s 9am.

Overcast… sigh… that´s ok…. it will…

I blink.

Let it go, I think, it´s just a movie.

I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

Estoy bien, I tell myself.

I arrive at the job placement office at 10:17am; I enter; add my name to the wait list; go to the coffee machine; 1 cream, 1 sugar; find an open chair and sit down; moments later, my name is called.

“Follow me”, he says as he ushers me into the hallway.

I follow him.

“This is my office”, he says as he opens the door.

I enter and sit down.

“First”, he tells me as he sits down behind his desk and turns on his computer, “what are you looking for and what do you do?”

I pause; what am I supposed to say?

Ok, I think, take a chance.

I lean back in my chair:

“When I am blogging, I write.

When I am with my kids, I parent.

When I am driving, I control myself and the spacevehicle.

When I eat dinner, I am present.

When I watch DVDs,  I”

“Excuse me”, he says as he turns his head to me, “you were saying something about watching DVDs?”

I pause; he slides his hand under his desk and hits a button; moments later, a person enters the office.

“We are done here”, he tells me.

“Take him out of here”, he says to the person.

I get up from the chair; I sigh.

“Excuse me”, I say as I turn to leave the office.

“Don´t say anything more”, he replies as he turns his head back to his computer in his office, “I´m not interested.”

The person leads me down the hallway; he opens the front door of the office; I am physically thrown out; I take seven steps and turn around; I could speak my mind?

I turn back around and head to my spacevehicle; let it go.

Moments later, I´m driving the spacevehicle back home; so this is day 1?

I sigh.

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