LAZY & ENTITLED: a short story about how we, all, get there, eventually, but, it's the wrong road and a bad journey {living a more ethical life, yo} » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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LAZY & ENTITLED: a short story about how we, all, get there, eventually, but, it’s the wrong road and a bad journey {living a more ethical life, yo}

LAZY & ENTITLED: a short story about how we, all, get there, eventually, but, it’s the wrong road and a bad journey {living a more ethical life, yo}

“Why are you still talking, boss?”, Bilta replies as he turns the steering wheel, “my driving is hardly bad and I, somewhat, missed the last pothole, yo.”


“Excuse me?”, Bilta replies as he signals for a right turn, “I don’t think that I heard you correctly.”

“Potholes”, I continue speaking as I roll my eyes, “that’s what they are called in Dorinto. Baches.”

“So”, Bilta replies as he steps on the digital.accelerator, “why are you telling me this?”

“I like to pass the time with fun banter and witty comments”, I reply as I sip my soda, “I had grand aspirations to be a standup.comic but those days have passed.  Now, I just amuse myself and those in my close proximity with my jokes and one liners, yo.”

“I am hardly amused”, Bilta replies as he turns up the, “I, literally, have never laughed at a single one of your jokes–they are actually mean and immature.  I have a cat, at home–my cat makes me smile.  You, just, are annoying and a hassle to be around–I would hardly call what you do comedy or funny.”


“Excuse me, yo?”, Bilta replies as he sighs, “you appear to still be talking. Is there a way to turn you off or mute you?”

“I use noise cancelling headphones”, I reply as I shrug, “people hardly have anything good to say–and, I’m busy.”

I sip my soda; I think that my jokes are hilarious and this soda is, quite, refreshing.

“So, as you were saying”, I continue speaking as I set my soda in the cupholder, “you think that I am lazy and entitled? I work hard and do many important things on a daily basis, yo.”

“Picking out what color socks that you are going to wear is hardly something that I would call important.”

“It matters”, I reply as I look down at my shoes, “you are sending a message to others–you are signaling your thoughts and plans.  The socks that a man wears are, literally, the most important decision that he will make in a day–after the socks, everything else is secondary.”

“I don’t think that they matter, yo”, Bilta replies as he looks down at his flip flops, “I don’t have any socks and you don’t see me complain, yo.”

I pause; why do I have to explain everything to this dude?

“Bilta”, I reply as I sigh, “the socks are all that matters–not having socks is a choice in socks.  Your socks, or lack of socks, influence your thoughts and others–if you want to run a business, you need nice and good socks.”

I sip my soda; you have to explain everything and, yet, I still don’t think that he gets it.

“Bilta”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window in the space.jet, “if you don’t want to do anything important, forget about your socks.  If you want to matter, be influential and respected, respect yourself–start with considering your socks better.”

“They make my feet hot, yo.”


“I have an allergy to cotton and my feet sweat”, he replies as he shrugs, “it’s not a personal preference, but a survival mechanism–it’s how it is.  I can pick the best socks for style, or I can listen to my body, and from my experience, make the right, and wise, choice.”

“What’s the wise choice?”

“That’s the point of ethics”, he replies as he rolls his eyes, “what I’ve been trying to say–you think that I am lazy for not wearing socks.  I think that you are entitled for spending more thought on them then getting good directions.  We don’t have much digital.gas in the vehicle and I don’t know where the next station is located; maybe, if you spent the same amount of time investing in yourself as you do impressing others, we would be at the hotdog cookout by now and enjoying an ice cold soda.”


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