"Staring at a blank page is liberating; knowing that it is your thoughts, and actions, that write it, is freeing--your blog sucks, yo." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Staring at a blank page is liberating; knowing that it is your thoughts, and actions, that write it, is freeing–your blog sucks, yo.”

“Staring at a blank page is liberating; knowing that it is your thoughts, and actions, that write it, is freeing–your blog sucks, yo.”

“I think that it is ok, yo!”, Bilta replies as he slides the digital.laptop towards him on the small wooden table in my living room.

I pause; I sip my soda; it’s refreshing.

“I spent 0.653830 nanoseconds working on it; it’s got several big words and makes a somewhat compelling read.”

“It’s going to compell me to throw your computer into the digital.trash can”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “you did absolutely nothing–it’s merely an argument for your greatness.  Instead of writing about you; write what you know–that means to get clear, and grounded, with reality.  That’s the value; that’s what you want to write.  When you clear the bullshit away; when you stop and accept; when you get clear with your reality–what do you find? Tell us–it could help someone.”

“I want to help someone, yo!”

“No, you don’t”, I respond as I shrug, “you have clinical depression–you want to help you.  You are using your blog to look for sympathy; you want people to pity you to like you.  We won’t do that–we will just push you aside and go on with our day.  Instead, what you need to do, or want to do, is just be straight-forward; avoid jargon and cliches.  Write neutral, about reality, as you see it.  That’s your opinion.”

“I don’t have any opinions.”

“Stop–sigh and say something.  That will be your headline–from there, where does the story, or post go?  Consider leaving it to 500-3k words, for the reader, depending how often you publish.  It will be cathartic and you will cry at times writing your realizations; you will constantly want to hold back or censor yourself; let it go, the need to downgrade yourself, and be honest–that’s the word that I am looking for It’s Honest.”

“I am honest”, Bilta replies as he sighs, “kinda, somewhat.”

I roll my eyes as I take another sip of soda; I wish that he would get to the point quicker.

“Then”, I continue speaking as I set my can of soda on the table, “you will want to end on a piece of wisdom–something that makes the reader think.  I, personally, always end on a cliff hanger; others end on a positive note.  It’s going to be, ultimately, your style and how you write.  You will have to figure out how you write–then, put it out into the world and see who is interested.  It won’t be your friends and family, instead consider that it could be someone on a different planet that stumbles upon you and feels an attachment; look at forming a relationship with the reader–give them something to consider.”

“Do I want to tell them what to do or what happened, yo?”

“No–never”, I reply as I shuffle on the couch in my living room, “never say what happened to you–instead say what you learned, honestly.  Don’t make it, or write, about you, write about what you realized; not necessarily learned.  No one cares what you think you know–they care what you know.”

“Can you help me find a new title for the blog post, yo?”

“Sure, loser”, I reply as I turn my head to the digital.TV, “first–keep it present tense and first person.  Use this as a title:

My Life Is Out Of Luck and I Have No Hope: a brief story about losing yourself to find something more, and better, in Thailand

“That sucks, yo.”

“They all, Bilta, do.”


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