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“I´m taking some classes. I´m looking at a new career.” I continue,

“I´m taking some classes. I´m looking at a new career.” I continue,

“I´m going to be a lifecoach.”

I say it matter of factly; this is how it is going to be; the decision is made–I´m all in, in my life.

“It´s good money”, he replies as he turns his head to look at the poster on the wall.

Without missing a beat, I respond, “it´s not about the money.”

He pauses; I pause.

In a professional tone, he casually remarks, “my wife wants to move to San Fransisco. We´re waiting.”

I pause; I look out the door of the small room.

“So about your iron treatments”, he continues, “I think that you should go ahead with it.”

“I don´t think that I have the money. I don´t think that I can go ahead with it.”

He, the doctor, turns his head to me, “it´s your life.”

I had been dragging my feet on this decision for some time; diagnosed anemic, this was the proper course of action to improve my iron levels–and to get energy.

I can´t solve your problems.

The days that I would go to the clinic to get the iron infusion, and B12, and potassium, I mostly read Walden and studied engineering manuals to pass the time. Occasionally there would be a conversation; I made a close friend at this time. He had fallen and broke his neck; the doctor´s told him that if things had been different, even slightly different, he wouldn´t be here; I would always ask him if he learned something from this–did it have an impact, change you or give you a new outlook.

I ask this because I remember always hearing how when I was born, my grandfather changed his outlook on life–apparently, he was a jerk that turned into a caring individual.

He, my friend in treatment with the recovering neck injury, said that it didn´t really change anything.

I always wondered about that.

Before having my daughter, I would hear that having a child changes you. But, when my daughter was born, it didn´t really change me.

“At some point, sales will decrease”, the teacher says as she she writes the words on the blackboard in front of the class.

The Law Of Diminishing Returns

It is marketing class; this is a class that I always look forward to; a chance to be myself and where being abstract and creative is rewarded; literally change in marketing is not suppressed, but encouraged. It´s the Law {Of Diminishing Returns}.

At some point, if all variables stay the same, the sales will reach a peak, and then decline; for example, and the example that the teacher gives in class: if you start selling pizza, there will be a ramp-up from the first day, then there will be word-of-mouth that helps it grow, but at some point you will reach a market saturation where everyone knows about the pizza, everyone has tried the pizza–and there will be a decline. The peak has been met of the product; in time, the pizza sells less, if all variables remain constant.

So I did the iron treatment.

Expecting change without changing? Innovate.

The key is not to know how to succeed, it´s to know how to innovate–one step at a time.

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