"I ever tell you about my Senior Game of soccer in high school?", I ask my wife. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I ever tell you about my Senior Game of soccer in high school?”, I ask my wife.

“I ever tell you about my Senior Game of soccer in high school?”, I ask my wife.

“Yup”, she replies as she reaches over for the soda.

“Can I tell you the story again?”, I ask her as I lean back in my chair in the kitchen.

“No”, she replies as she gets up from the table.


“And that´s the last memory that you have?”, the doctor asks me as he turns back to his computer.

“Yeah”, I reply as I turn my head to him.

“Hmm”, he says as he types the notes on the keyboard in his office.

“Yeah. It´s strange. Right?”

He turns his head to me.

“We´re done here.”

“Ok”, I say as I get up from the chair and turn to leave.

“Hold on”, he replies as he turns his head back to me.

I pause.

“So what happened in the game?”


“Yeah”, the doctor asks, “I have to finish these notes. What happened in the game?”

“Oh”, I reply as I turn my head away, “I took a shot for goal.”

“Did it go in? Did you score a goal?”

I enter the kitchen and take a step towards the fridge.

“I´m starved”, I tell my wife, “what´s to eat?”

“Haki”, she replies as she turns her head towards me.

I pause; is this really sustenance?

She turns her head back to the digitalprojector image on the far wall; this is interesting, she thinks.

She turns her head back to me.

“So how did it go with the doctor appointment today? Can he help you restore the chip?”

“I don´t know.”

“Well”, she replies as she turns her head back to me, “you got to try, at least, right?”

“I hope this is the last appointment with him”, I reply as I pull a chair out of the kitchen table.

“Now is all we have”, she says as turns her head back to the digitalimage projected on the wall.

“I agree with you”, I reply as I grab the soda, “but I think there´s a better way to go about it.”

She hits pause on the digitalprojector.

I turn my head to look at the image.

What the fuck is this?, I think.

Yeah, she thinks back to me, it´s interesting, right?

“Ok”, the doctor replies, “that´s the fourth chapter.”


He is a digitaldoctor;  I don´t know if this is the right thing to do? He is located on Planet LWNDI. He digitalcommutes to his office three days a week for his appointments. Studying psychology, he is in charge of the curriculm for Dorinto. We´ve been trying to readjust the protocol for how learning happens; what if we develop critical thinking and evidence-based approaches? Our task is to create a new manual for the education system: one with no rules, no traditions and no limitations on what is possible. I´ve been meeting with him now for three years; is this worth my time? We have co-authored two books, so far. The early tests are promising; there seems to be a spike in acquisitional learning; when you are faced with a problem, or challenge–how do you approach it?

For me, I like the game of chess; I approach situations this way. It is a game where there are three things going on: your strategy, your opponent´s strategy, and how the pieces naturally go. Right? There are several aspects to be aware of–how can your pieces move? How can you develop your strength? What is your opponent thinking? I find in this game that there is one under-utilized strategy: don´t play the game–play the opponent. What this means is that you have to see their body language–where are their eyes? What´s their body posture–are they planning an attack or nervous because they are exposed? You can look at how they behave to see if they are confident or hoping you don´t notice their weakness. What I think is interesting is that there´s one chessboard–we see the same pieces but we see things differently–from our own perspective: what is the right move, for you? Certainly, an observer can speculate on what is correct.

“Shut up!”, HR replies.

I pause.


HR turns her head to me.

“I´m trying to watch this TV show, dad”, she replies, “shut the fuck up.”

I chuckle; closing my eyes, I recline the chair in the living room; moments later, I´m asleep.

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