"You can't get the game winning goal, if you don't kick; can't kick, if you are on the digital.sideline; yo--make the equipo, first." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“You can’t get the game winning goal, if you don’t kick; can’t kick, if you are on the digital.sideline; yo–make the equipo, first.”

“You can’t get the game winning goal, if you don’t kick; can’t kick, if you are on the digital.sideline; yo–make the equipo, first.”

“Just, give it to me, straight, random.lab.technican”, Bilta replies as he shrugs, “you want to just be direct with what you are trying to say–is it a match to my biological ancestors?”

He sighs.

“Yes and no”, he replies as he straightens his polka dot digital.tie, “it is your family–but, not, immediate.  It is like your tios–not your family of orgin.  But, with this information–I think that you found the right planet; the right place from where you came.  There may be more information there–I am 99% certain that you originated from this, particular, planet.”

“So”, Bilta replies as he takes a sip of his soda, “I just need to go back to keep looking for more information? But, this sounds promising.”

“How did you arrive, first, on Dorinto?”, the lab.technician asks as he adjusts his digital.glasses, “you weren’t born here, right?”

“Actually, I was”, Bilta replies as he pulls up the sleeve on his green t-shirt to show the small made in stamp on his arm.

He lowers his sleeve.

“I was assembled in Dorinto”, he continues speaking, “of course, the digital.DNA that was implanet into the micro.biological.sim.chip came from some other place–that is why I am here. I think that the DNA that, gave me life, created my sim.vortex.memory.unit, is extraterrestial.  So if this is the planet, like you say, where my ancestors, my other velociraptors, came from–there is a chance that there are still some living there, yo?”

“Doubtful”, he replies as he taps his foot on the tile floor, “we haven’t heard anything of velociraptors in that digital.constellation in, almost, forever.  We would know if there were still some around.”

“It could still be happening, however, though, right?”

“You know”, the digital.lab.technican replies as he picks up his coffee mug, “you don’t know until you go–I’m, just, saying that we haven’t heard any signals from velociraptors in that part of andromeda2 in so long; it’s very doubtful that there are any still existing.”

Bilta pauses; takes a sip of his soda; turns his head to me.

“You want to go on another mission, yo?”, he asks as I take a sip of my coffee.

He turns his head to digital.Bilfty2.1.

“You up to get down to the planet again to do more research–bring your snowboard, now that you, appear, to be the expert, yo.”

“I’m probably going to pass”, Bilfty replies as he reaches into his bag of digital.papitas, “I hurt my knee last night doing yoga and I have to rest up.”

“I’ll go”, I reply to Bilta as I look down at my coffee, “you need a partner on this quest–I will go with you.”

Bilta shrugs.

“Yeah, whatever, Captain Dramatic”, he replies as he sighs, “so like anyways… you want to go get a pizza?”

“You paying, Bilta?”, I ask as I shrug, “I could go for that, yo.”

“Sure”, he replies as we turn to leave the small.digital.laboratory, “that sounds acceptable–but, don’t order two larges like you did last week.”