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It´s the first day of class. I sit down in my seat.

It´s the first day of class. I sit down in my seat.

“There´s three equations”, the teacher starts.

I pull out my notebook; start writing down the equations.

“It´s about knowing how to use them”, he continues.

It´s 2003 in Blacksburg. I´m in jet propulsion design class at Virginia Tech. The semester goes on and we keep getting harder questions; maybe, not harder, but new situations. He shows us how these equations can be used to solve different problems.

I had been put on academic probation earlier, then when it ended, I returned to school.

Going back, I decided to change my mindset–I really want to be successful. Although, I had worked hard, to get that far, there were small changes that I could make that, I knew, would help me. For example, I knew that sitting near the front, I could focus more attention on what was trying to be taught in class.  I made this change. 

The TV changes to a news bulletin.  The screen shows it.  I understand it.

We are living in Fairfax.  It´s nice here. I enjoy biking.  My neighbor dares me to go down a steep hill in the area on my bike. I do. It doesn´t turn out well. I eat it at the bottom and scrape my knees up badly; fortunately, nothing´s broken.

“I want you to go with me to my house”, she tells me.

She´s one grade above me.

I´m pretty sure that I know what is going to happen; we go to her room.

“Close your eyes”, she tells me.

She kisses me.

I leave the house and go back home.

It´s time to pick a senior design project in college.  I want to pick something that I´m interested in.  I go with the human powered submarine.

First, we learn background on the project; next, we get our assignment:

The vehicle is changing from a rotational drive to a linear drive–like going from a bike to a stair stepper.

Engineering is designing on the margin.

It´s taking what you have and what you want, and making it function within the parameters.

I check the results of the International Submarine races.

The submarine set two World Records.


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