"She doesn´t know how to swim", I think as I see her on the diving board. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“She doesn´t know how to swim”, I think as I see her on the diving board.

“She doesn´t know how to swim”, I think as I see her on the diving board.

I´m a lifeguard; my boss is there, that particular day; I want to make a good impression.

She´s on the diving board; something doesn´t look right with how she is inching to the end.  I´m in charge of the deep end, including the diving area, and part of the lanes for laps; really–we´re all watching out for each other, but this is my particular responsibility.

I have my sunglasses on; I pause–I can´t tell her not to jump.

She jumps.

She´s not coming up, I think after a couple moments.

I blow my whistle to alert the other lifeguards; I dive off the raised lifeguard platform into the water. I grab her with my right arm.

Now, we are at the surface, of the water. I swim with her to the edge of the pool. She grabs onto the ledge. Now, she´s out of the water. Her mom runs over to her.  I go to the lifeguard shack. I shake.

The lifeguard on break takes my spot for the rest of my rotation.

A couple hours later, I´m still on break.

“You got to go back to work”, one of the other lifeguards tells me.

I take a deep breathe.

We´re in the parking lot.

It´s high school. I´m learning how to drive a stick shift for the first time.

I have been trying to learn how to do a 1-1/2 off the diving board all summer in my free time.

Never have done it.

I´m working as a lifeguard; I enjoy it.

She´s staring at me now:

“Jamie”, he says, “can do a 1-1/2.”

It´s not true, I think as I grab onto the rails of the diving board with my hands.

I close my eyes and visualize how I would look to do a full front flip followed by a dive into the water. I´ve tried so many times; always failed.

I see how I would look from a 3rd person point-of-view as I do the 1-1/2; I open my eyes.

I take a breath.

I never asked him about the splash; I just know that I did it.

It´s college;

snowboarding is life.

We´re in West Virginia at a resort; along one of the runs is a short path that goes through the woods. At the end of the path, someone has built a jump; each time that we go down the run, we go this way.

I´m going to do a 360, I think as I pause in the woods before heading down to the jump.

I close my eyes, as I sit there in the snow, and visualize how I will look; the key is to swing your arms like you are cutting firewood to get momentum for the full rotation, then to look at where you are going to land.

He goes off the ramp first–stops takes out a camera and points it to the jump.

Now or never, I tell myself as I get up and start down the path.

I smile.

“Did you get it?”, I ask him.

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