"If you create a digital.system that rewards the weak, then everybody, yo, becomes that", I explain as I take a bite of my hotdog. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“If you create a digital.system that rewards the weak, then everybody, yo, becomes that”, I explain as I take a bite of my hotdog.

“If you create a digital.system that rewards the weak, then everybody, yo, becomes that”, I explain as I take a bite of my hotdog.

I take another bite of hotdog as I turn my head back to the digital.TV.

“Hey Bilta”, I continue speaking as I put my feet up on the small wooden table, “that magazine in the digital.store, yo?”

“Yeah”, he replies as he reaches into his bookbag.

He pulls it out; hands it to me, as I wipe my hands on my pants. I grab it and place my platter of food on the couch.

I open up the magazine; I start scanning the first page–table of contents: what’s here, now.

  1. “We’re going to put a brief moratorium on dumb press conferences”, I explain to Bilta, “also–I’m punching you in the face, yo.”
  2. “It’s a, somewhat, better, not horrible, above average, below great, normal day–yo–I could go for a cold soda and, like, five digital.tacos.”

  3. “I’m going to pick up the digital.tab, this time”, Bilta replies as he sighs, “you’ve, somewhat, done enough–I’ll help you out, yo.”
  4. “What a bunch of digital.random.weirdos”, I quickly reply to Bilta as I scan the family, “I see four velociraptors here, yo.”
  5. The No.Body.Brigade Lines Up outside The Outskirts of Planet XNCD. “We won’t stay; we won’t go; shut up-yo”, they slowly yell.

  6. “I’m starting an outdoor adventure business, boss”, Bilta replies as he grabs a digital.french.fry, “it’s the absolute worst, yo”.
  7. “I don’t think that you’ve fully accepted that I don’t want to be real friends with you, Bilta, yo.” I roll my eyes and shrug.

  8. “Now–you get to get an on-going glimpse of the extortion, entrapment and collusion that we deal with, pretty, regularly, yo.”
  9. “You are leveraging your advantage, as a velociraptor, to get a better life”, I reply as I sip my cold soda, “and, then, constantly complaining?”

  10. “When one digital.mystery ends”, I repeat back to Bilta as I pause, “… oh yeah–I don’t actually have anything intelligent, yo, to say.”
  11. CLOSING THE FINAL CHAPTER, WITH THE PAST; looking forward into the blinding sunset, we rush headlong forward, always ahead, yo

  12. “I don’t know why you choose to be a loser, Bilta?”, I reply as I take a sip of my soda, “ultimately, you will have to tell me? Or, you?
  13. I hang up the digital.telephone; I set it on the small wooden table at the cafe by the beach; I look out the window at the surfers.
  14. “Almost done”, Bilta replies as he hands me the digital.surf.wax, “this should be enough, yo–you sure that you want to paddle out with me, boss?”

  15. “Everything; all of it; it’s all connected; the ripples from the stones we throw in the pond, spread to all the shores, in due time, yo.”
  16. “Yo–why are you so dramatic, boss?”, Bilta replies as he sits by the small digital.pond, “it’s not like I really cared to find my family, yo.”
  17. “I found someone lurking around in the bushes, Bilta”, I continue speaking as I hand him the digital.cat, “yo–you want a friend?

  18. “It’s very difficult to accurately describe my physical appearance without those three words”, I explain, “yo–I’m incredibly handsome.”
  19. “7 digital.orders of digital.alitas, 3 digital.peperoni.pizzas and 12 digital.cold.sodas”, I repeat back to the digital.waiter, “oh yeah–yo–to go.”

  20. “How much digital.milk are you going to drink today, yo?”, Bilta exclaims as he sets down the small platter, “you want more digital.food, also?”

I place the magazine on the couch next to me; I pick up my platter of food; I turn my head to Bilta.

“Looks boring, yo”, I start speaking as I sigh, “put it in the bathroom to read–keep an extra copy in the garage for next time that we grill.”

“Sure thing, boss”, he replies as he grabs the digital.magazine off the couch.

He gets up; walks to the bathroom; places the digital.revista into the small round.receptor.

Moments later, he sits back down in the recliner.

“Done, yo”, he replies as he leans forward and picks up his platter of food.

“You know?”, I continue speaking to Bilta as I turn my head to digital.Bilfty2.1, “I don’t know why such rubbish is printed–there’s just no, real, reason that it should be published.”