YOU’RE NOT THE SAME AS EVERYONE: why thinking that everyone thinks the same as you is dangerous–owning your thoughts for you

“Avoid people that think they have it all figured out, yo”, I reply to Bilfty2.1 as I get back into the canoe, “it’s too complicated and nuanced to put in a simple box–you need to invest always in making yourself better.  Education and personal development always give you the advantage in life–rather, then coasting on yesterday, being ready for tomorrow by having a firm grasp on today is more effective.”

“So”, he replies as he shakes his head, “I’m just trying to finish this trail running event and get home for dinner–not sure why you keep talking?”

“Ideas put into the air have more wings then the ones that you keep to yourself”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “it doesn’t do much good to only save your money.  You need to figure out how to invest and multiply it, at some point.  A savings account that is never touched doesn’t help much–use what you know to make your life better.”

“Can I just eat my ham sandwich in peace, yo?”, he replies as he reaches into his bookbag, “I would prefer that you spend your time thinking on your own–don’t drag me into your speculation and conjectures.  I’m really just looking for a paycheck and a pleasant afternoon.”

“And, to continue”, I reply as I shrug, “you need to put your focus and resources in specific places–you need to be in charge of you and what you do.  You may not always know the reasons for your actions, but you should be aware of them, all the same.  At some point, you need to develop a self-awareness in your behavior; you need to stop observing others and observe yourself.  Knowing what you do is more important then why you do it–the action matters, not the reason.

“That’s actually interesting”, he replies, “what do you think, Bilta, about what he just said?”

We turn our head to Bilta; he looks up from the starting marker and takes out his headphones.

“What? Did I miss something?”, he replies as he continues moving his head, “I’ve been listening to some sweet DJ tracks and zoning out to zone in on doing this project well–I avoid your conversations to focus on my task.”

“Yeah–that’s motivational and shit”, I reply as I sigh, “I, actually, said something interesting and you just want to listen to music–do you ever pay attention?”

“Does it involve ham sandwiches–if so, then I’m in?”

“Why do you only think of food and pleasure?”, I reply as I turn my head back to the starting marker, “there’s bigger and more important things then just your basic needs, yo.”

“It’s interesting”, he replies as he puts his headphones back in his ears and starts bobbing his head.

I roll my eyes; I turn my head to Digital.Bilfty2.1.

“You can pay him to work but you can’t pay him to listen”, I continue speaking as I sigh, “so, anyways, as I was saying–people are very influenced by where they come from and where they are; different places take different approaches.  It goes back to how things are there, and here, and where you go.”

Bilfty2.1 nods his head as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small digital.MP7 player.

“Yeah–ok?”, he replies as he places the small digital.headphones into his ear, “we’ll play a game called ‘pretend I’m listening and continue talking‘.”