SPENDING MORE TIME ON YOU: if success is where you put your focus, yo, then every moment spent on you is a victory–learning to ignore to win

“Why are you telling me this, boss?”, Bilta replies as he sets the starting marker into the shore of the river, “you know that I have a small attention span and very useless hands.”

“Velociraptor hands aren’t good much”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “so, anyways, you want to put that starting marker in the mud and we can call this project done?”

“Why are they running the trail and then canoeing to the ducks?”

“The organizer thinks that it’s clever to help people get their ducks in a row–I don’t really care.  It pays the bills–we are out of coffee so we needed this work.  If you want a sweet cappuchino, you need to earn it–this will keep us caffinated for the next couple weeks until the bull riding starts?”

“Excuse me, yo?”

“Yeah–I signed you up to compete in a bull riding event.  After you were talking about running with them, I took some initative and registered you to be a bull rider.  Don’t worry–it’s probably completely safe and very easy for someone with your talents.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means that I’m glad you are riding the bull and I’ll be taking sweet photos for our next issue of Dumb Things That Bilta Does Weekly.  That’s the new name of my blog.  I, personally, think it’s great.  I already have 17 subscribers and two pre-orders on the next weekly issue.  You are kind of like a celebrity–except for the fan club and recognition.  My 17 subscribers love to read about your antics, yo.”

“You have subscribers? How long have you been publishing this periodical?”

“It’s interesting that you ask”, I reply as I take a bite of my ham sandwich.

I turn my head to look at the river; back to Bilta.

“So”, I continue speaking, “you done with the starting marker? Once that’s in place, we should have the entire course laid out–it is going to be a tip-top running and canoeing event.  You should consider entering in it to get ready for your 8-seconds of bull riding fame.”

“I have to stay on the bull for 8-seconds, yo?”

“It really depends on you and the bull”, I reply as I sigh, “you can have the best of plan but the bull can disagree; try to stay on for 8-seconds and you’ll win fame and I’ll pick a really epic photo to put on the cover of the magazine.  It could be you chance to make a name for yourself.”

“I would prefer to not be known for that”, Bilta replies as he sticks the marker into the mud, “but, if you need a hero, and it involves bull–I’m your man.”

“You’re actually a velociraptor–but, all the same, I like your attitude”, I respond as I shrug, “keep that positive mentality for the event and you’re sure to be successful–actually, I have no clue.  Again, I’m just glad that I’m the photographer and not the competitor.”

“It actually is starting to sound like a great idea”, he replies.

“Can I ride a bull, also?”, digital.Bilfty2.1 responds as takes a bite of his ham sandwich.

“We don’t compete with bulls, Bilfty–but, if you want to join the competition, it would probably be a great experience.”