“You can’t write many stories watching other people live their lives; boring life–boring stories”, I reply, “do something interesting somewhere, yo.”

“Where, yo?”, Bilta reples as he sets the paddle down on the shore of the river, “I once wanted to go to Planet QLMD to run with the bulls.”

“That’s too abstract–here, now, something, interesting.  Do five jumping jacks.”

“I hate exercise”, he replies as he steps on to the shore.

“That’s not the point–the point is that every moment, you have the opportunity to choose to do something interesting.  Every place that you go has the potential to be intereesting–it’s not the place or the activity that makes it unique, it’s you and your unique take on the situation.  You can have two people doing the same thing–the person that finds the task interesting will enjoy it more.  The person that enjoys their life will be happier.”

“That seems obvious, yo.”

“The point is that it’s up to you to make your life–you can’t just watch other people into a fulfilling life.  Find a place–here; an action–looking; and tell me what you see?”

“Muddy shoes and an old canoe.”

“You are a lot of what is around you–be aware of what is going on around you, that is your life.  You are a dot in the universe–around you is the Universe.  What does it look like to you–your unique perspective and viewpoint.”

“I see that I am out of ham sandwiches”, Bilta replies as he pulls his hand out of his bookbag.

“What you stop wanting, you will find that nothing is missing–when you stop demanding, you will find that you needs are fulfilled.  When you stop grasping, you start to gain control.”

“Control of what, yo?”

“The Universe–what’s outside you.”

“That’s deep, yo.”

“Like the river event that we just finished setting up–you don’t have any clue what the bottom of the river really looks like.  You just assume–do you have any clue what the bottom of the river looks like?  It’s probally muddy with rocks–but, you have no clue specifically.  It’s jusy generalities and assumptions–until you swim to the bottom and see it for yourself, or in pictures, you just make guesses.  Gossip and rumors hardly give any information–the opposite of a rumor is, normally, closer to the truth; the other side to the story is normally a more accurate depiction.”

“Of what, yo?”

“Of everything–the accuser is normally guilty; the abuser has been abused; the happiest people are the saddest–you see one side; every coin is two sided.”

I reach into my bookbag and grab a ham sandwich.

“Next time”, I continue speaking as I hand him the sandwich, “try to conserve your resources–you can’t impulsive act and expect longevity.  You can’t eat a ham sandwich twice so pick the right time.”

“Why do you talk so much?”, Bilta replies as he takes a bite.

“It’s boring to spend time with you–it breaks tension”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “I just fill the space between us with words to keep a dialogue going until the missions are over–then, I go on with my life.  The other side of our interactions is me riding my mountain bike–when you aren’t around, it’s different.”

“The observer influences the observed, yo.”

“The basic rule of science–behavior changes per the envornment.  When people are watching, how do you behave?”