BORING, BORED AND BOREDOM: the three deadly sins to avoid in your life, yo–why it’s so important to get in motion moving forward and stay going that way

“A stick in mud doesn’t travel very far”, I reply to Bilta as I continue walking the dirt trail towards the lake, “you need to keep in motion, yo.”


“Not here–just move away from here and stay moving.”

“You don’t want me here?”, he replies as he shrugs, “I like your company.”

“I do, too”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “but, remember that a race horse isn’t meant to stay at the starting line–start moving and stay on-track.  It means to avoid distractions–the person that stays the most focused tends to do the best.  You want to keep moving–the direction doesn’t matter.  Stay at the start–you’ll never get anywhere.  Travel is time and distance–the faster that you can move, the more that you can do.”

“But, it’s pleasant here–I like being by your side.”

“Hardly, true”, I reply as I open my bookbag and grab a ham sandwich, “a ship that stays in harbor isn’t very useful–pick some place that you want to be and start heading in that direction.  You want to consider that you can’t succeed in your life if you are a bystander–it’s meant to be lived.  This means that you need to start moving–forwards, backwards, up and down are all considerations.  Which one will you choose?”


“Huh?”, I reply as I take a bite of my sandwich, “what’s that mean–it’s a direction but not very specific.”

“Digital.Bilfty2.1”, Bilta replies as he takes a sip from his waterpack, “we left him in the space.vehicle–you didn’t want him to come on this adventure?”

“I didn’t say that–but, teamwork requires that each person perform their unique duty.  He is keeping an eye on the vehicle and we are placing the last marker for the running.trail event.  If we move our feet, like our mouths, we should be back soon–work is an action, not a noun.”

“I enjoy the outdoors.”

“Yeah–this new climate.controlled city is really comfortable.  Sometime, I will tell you what it was like before the digital.dome was installed–they were mosquitos and Grizzly bears roaming wild.  It was madness–you need to really appreciate progress; you need to embrace change.  It’s like we were just talking about moving–beside you, the world changes.  If you aren’t taking part in the progress, you are going to be left behind–you’ll be out-of-place if you don’t move with the world.  You remember how there’s 415 in Dorinto–we have a that keeps us abreast of the daily.plan.  I get a digital.notification every morning telling me what I have to do that day.  Today, we are utilizing the water.pump so I watered my lime trees in the morning–if I don’t get a notification to do that activity on that day, I don’t do it.  It’s good having uniformity in the community–it keeps us feeling collected.  You want to be part of a whole–an individual in a group.

“I think that’s where they want us to put the marker”, Bilta replies as he shakes his head, “I’m not sure why you talk so much–no one listens to you.”

“Working my jaw muscle”, I respond as I reach into the bookbag and pull out the small red spike, “you don’t work a muscle and it gets tired–you don’t exercise a part of you and it atrophies.  What gets work improves–what does the work gets better.”

“So you want work, yo?”

“It’s like a bear in the woods.”

“Even if you don’t see it, you should still be aware”, I respond as I pound the small marker into the ground, “being unseen doesn’t make something not exist.  Rather, then just accepting your enviornment, working specifically in certain areas that you want to succeed is the way to success.”