DAY 2: WAKE UP & SHOW UP: guerilla fighting, yo, tactics to having the best life possible AKA how to start doing better daily in all your aspects

“Everyone talks about Day 1, yo”, I continue speaking to Bilta as I sip my coffee, “no one thinks of #2.”

“I think it’s important”, he replies as he leans forward in his plastic recliner in the cafe by the beach, “you can’t give 100% the first time and have 0% for the next day–the future.”

“I think that it’s the real conversation that we need to be having–instead of this haphazard impulse rush to get everything now: what are we going to do tomorrow?”

“If you don’t think about the second day, you will ruin the first.”

“You know–I know what you mean.  Basically, you want to really just focus on getting through the start–once the inertia kicks in, it’s a lot easier to get in the routine.  Don’t be predictable–don’t be too eager that you run out of steam.  It’s not the first horse to leave the starting mark–it’s the one that crosses the finish line first.  Think of the point, then learn how to control yourself today to be ready for tomorrow.”

“It’s like the, yo”, Bilta replies as he sips his coffee, “we got them distributed evenly in the surrounding neighborhoods but still I’m not sure that the bovine owners are really prepared for the long-term responsibility of being in control of the local milk supply.  I feel like there is going to be price fixing and collusion amongst them to increase the prices–you need to goven them.  They need to have external oversight to make sure that they keep standard operating procedures in place.”

“Exactly!”, I exclaim as I spill my coffee, “I sent a this morning with a basic 739 page digital.manual on how to properly raise cattle in residential areas.  It should be easy for them to figure out–it’s full of four letter words and has several cow pictures with step-by-step instructions on the milking process written at an elementary school level.”

“That’s so smart, boss!”

“Yeah–I know, yo.”

“You’re a genius!”, digital.Bilfty2.1 exclaims as he wakes up and turns his head to me, “did I miss something–I was just dozing off for a second.  The newborn is keeping me up at night–it’s exhausting working and having a baby in the house.”

“I don’t doubt that–I am going to give you the afternoon off to rest up.  Consider getting a digital.robot to help–companionship and teamwork make it go better.  Consider grabbing a pizza on the way home to surprise your wife with a quick and easy meal.”

“I get the afternoon off, boss??”, Bilfty replies as he shakes his head, “I can’t–I need the money.

“We’ll recompensate you–contractors don’t get new-born leave.  Consider it on us–we want to see you happy and productive.  Take a break and return tomorrow–we are going to go check on the cows.  The owner agreed to a rent-to-own cattle contract–we need to see how the bovine are handling the transition to living in the suburbs.  You can’t just throw a cow in a neighborhood and expect good things to happen–we have been hired to provide random inspections.  You and Bilta will be visiting them to help the transition move smoothly.”

“I love cows, yo.”

“No one does, Bilfty”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “all the same–having cattle helps with more then just milk.  They are also fiercely loyal and keep crime low.  As the saying goes–you want a decent place to live? Get some cattle!”