CAUTIOUSLY PROGRESSING FORWARD BEYOND THE GALAXY: a word on moving forward on deserted.planets and star.constellations {developing ethics & morality}

“Bilta–I’m glad you’re back from the dairy farm”, I reply as I shuffle on the couch in my living room, “the owner sent an email that you and digital.Bilfty2.1 were digital.goofing off too much.  I reviewed the and you can’t use digital.holograms to have a Grizzly bear riding a unicycle while Emperor penguins clap while you are working–you need to get serious about these missions.  You can’t just haphazard show up and make jokes–you need to consider that it is an important task.  The utters can’t milk themselves–you need to help out.  Really, you are helping, as temporary workers, both sides–you are kind of middle help that keeps things going smoothly.  We can’t just have a fucking Grizzly bear show up and scare the cows–stick to work and we’ll stick to being in business, more.”

“I thought it was funny, yo.”

“I kind of do, also”, I reply as I sip my soda, “but, other people don’t find it so amusing when there is already such tension and stress in the air–you need to consider how other people feel about your actions.  Instead of just having fun, remember that you are an ambassador for our business–act like you care about the project or we will get a bad reputation.  You need to remember that word-of-mouth is how we get most work–get them talking good about you and we’ll be fine.”

“That’s interesting”, Bilta replies as he sits down in the recliner in the corner of the room, “you talk all this talk but all you are doing is sitting in your living room watching digital.TV–you didn’t lift a finger to help and now are critical of our actions.”

“I need to delegate–it’s an important task to boss, I mean manage, you two.  It’s best that I am in a comfortable environment–it’s very relaxing here.  From there, I am able to more effectively control our business and what is going on with our projects.  You ever try working from that park bench by the ocean–it’s good for talking but not much more.  You need to really consider that you are a byproduct of your environment–this is why it’s so important to physically put yourself in a position to succeed.  This literally means that you should keep your area straightened up and, somewhat, organized–if you have a good office, you have a good business.”

“I still don’t like how you don’t help us on these missions, at all?”, Bilta replies as he shrugs, “you just send us to do shit and then cash the paycheck–you don’t seem to do anything to be a team player.  You think that you are better then us, yo?”

“It’s not that–someone needs to stay out of the mess to keep things in control, yo.  You want to keep one person on the sidelines to see what is going on–it’s best to coach from a distance, rather then in the thick of it.  I see what you two are doing–plus, the owner of the dairy farm.  I am able to dictate, I mean offer, suggestions to both parties to keep things going well–you want to really stay out of the mess that you are working on.  Keep some distance to have a perspective–your viewpoint is important to understand what it’s like there.  From this information, we can work to make our business better.”

“My viewpoint is still that you don’t do anything, boss”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to look at the birdfeeder, “it’s hurting moral–I don’t think it’s right to have someone who doesn’t work benefit, yo.”

“Delegation is work–it’s hard and difficult.  You need to consider that I am working to get more projects–we all have responsibilities.  Stick to your given task and do it well–it helps me, but, it also helps you, yo.”

“What’s our next mission, yo?”, digital.Bilfty2.1 exclaims as he enters the living room, “that hologram trick worked great to get us out of work for the day–the owner was furious!  He ran us out of there, quickly–we probably can’t go back there, again.  We got out of work and can have a hotdog grill party, now!”

“Digital.Bilfty2.1”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “there’s never a hotdog party when you don’t work.”